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What benefits and storage improvements can I expect by investing in Kardex automated storage systems?

Investing in automated storage systems instead of storing goods on conventional shelving and mezzanine floors, or using some other manual storage method, offers a whole range of advantages and is also financially beneficial.

Automated storage systems and software from Kardex Remstar are easy to install, operate, and maintain, which means that you can expect fast and clear results. It doesn’t matter what kind of industry you work in as the 140,000 systems installed by Kardex Remstar cover a broad section of most industries. Below you will find an overview of the benefits experienced by our customers:


Increased efficiency. Our customers often report an increase in efficiency of between 100 and 400 percent.
Space saved. The amount of floor space required can often be reduced by between 75 and 90 percent. This means that the same amount of goods can be stored on a footprint 10 to 25 percent the size of the original space.  


Improved profitability. The investment is also associated with a faster ROI (return on investment) due to the increased efficiency and the space saved. Also of interest is the fact that leasing the system makes it possible to make savings considerably higher than the actual monthly leasing payment, even when the very first payment is 0 euros. This means that you can improve your trading results from the very start.

Fewer order-picking errors. Laser pointers, matrix position light strips, and put-to-light systems guide the operator directly to the correct place and there is also an option to verify that the correct goods have been picked by means of a scanning system. From experience, the error rate drops compared to when picking orders from shelves. In some cases this can generate significant annual savings while also improving the reputation of the company among its customers.

Better inventory management. Kardex software makes it possible to count the stock every time a storage space is emptied. With an interface to the ERP system this means that stock levels are by and large always well balanced. This leads to better purchase management and reduces the risk of ordering too much stock. Quite a few companies have also been able to save themselves the trouble of doing an annual stocktake.

Cleaner goods. The goods are enclosed in the automated storage systems and protected from sunlight and dust. With particularly sensitive goods it is possible to regulate the climate in the storage system, set a certain temperature and humidity level, and maintain clean room conditions.

Improved capacity to compete. Reducing logistics and handling costs improves the capacity to compete.

Improved ergonomics and working environment. With conventional shelving, orders are picked from completely different, unergonomic heights and sometimes even a ladder has to be used. In a Kardex automated storage system the goods are conveyed to the employee at an ergonomically manageable height every time.

Flexibility and adaptability. Kardex Remstar automated storage systems are flexible and can be continuously adapted to meet changing needs at any time


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