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Automate and network logistics processes with Modular Reality

Automate and network logistics processes with Modular Reality

Under the motto Modular Reality, Kardex Remstar is supplying various sized companies from all kinds of sectors with intelligent modules that can be networked with one another, creating tailored solutions for a wide range of requirements in the area of intralogistics.

The Kardex Group is able to use the system to cover its customers’ needs – from the stand-alone setup to the fully automated, integrated logistics chain. Efficient and flexible access to the world of automation is provided with the aid of intelligent logistics modules that can be easily networked and expanded in any number of ways. By gradually automating their logistics chain – from incoming goods and storage to picking and outgoing goods – companies can cut their process costs while also increasing transparency.

This is made possible by the interaction of various Kardex Group systems: When linked to the dynamic LR 35 and LT 35 storage units from the Vertical Buffer Module series, the MDynamic automatic bin storage system from Kardex Mlog forms an efficient system that can be expanded in a virtually unlimited number of ways. In the Kardex Group’s Modular Reality, the interactive and digital tools are simply combined with one another by the user by means of drag and drop. This means they can be networked, expanded, and integrated into almost any environment on a needs basis.

Customers can enter the world of automated storage logistics with one or more LR 35 Vertical Buffer Modules from Kardex Remstar. If the need for automation grows, the setup can be expanded and turned into a fully automatic system with robot-assisted picking technology. This can be done, for example, by linking conveyor technology such as a transport robot from Kardex Remstar’s partner Servus or other logistics modules such as a buffer storage system.

The new, proactive online Remote Support – a Kardex Group Life Cycle Service product – ensures maximum system availability throughout the entire life cycle of the intralogistics solution.


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