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Customner Story: LR 35 Video

LR35 speeds up picking for Schrauwen

Schrauwen, speeds up order picking with latest innovation LR 35 from Kardex

The company Schrauwen is

a sanitary dealer and supplies its customers within a radius of approx. 150km

from Herentals (Belgium).


In 2017, four LR 35 units with the dimensions

w=10.5m, h=12m were installed there. Order picking and replenishment of the B and

C articles take place on each of the four units via the turntable.


The order

bins are automatically delivered to the LR 35 for picking via a conveyor

system. The replenishment occurs via the same system. With the LR 35 solution,

Schrauwen has significantly increased throughput and reduced the use of pickers

from four to one person.


The processes and some impressions of our logistics

solution can be seen in the new video.


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